The primary years programme

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme provides the core framework for the Lancaster curriculum. The school incorporates SEP programmes through the PYP Programme of Inquiry in a dynamic and constantly evolving process of design, implementation and programme evaluation.

In Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 students participate in 5 units of inquiry that span the academic year and from Kinder 3 through to 5th Grade of Primary students explore 6 units of inquiry over the course of the year. These units of inquiry focus upon big ideas or transdisciplinary themes that help us explore our humanity and understanding of the world.

In order to orchestrate and coordinate the programme the school employs a full time Programme Coordinator who works directly with teachers in the development and evaluation of programme content and student learning. Classroom teachers have timetabled planning time during the week when they plan together with the Programme Coordinator to ensure continuity and consistency between both the Spanish and English sides of the programme.

The introduction of the PYP has helped us to fulfil our mission and in particular has provided a common space where local and overseas teachers have been able to share the same curricular model and methodology, thus allowing far greater collaboration.

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